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Buenos Aires:

Telephone Attention: +54 11 5167 7700
Communicate every day from 9am. to 7pm.


Telephone Attention: +598 2 403 8050
Communicate every day from 9am. to 7pm.

Information for passengers

To get on board, each passenger must present the following documentation, as per the current requirements of the immigration authorities:

Argentines 18 and over: National ID or PASSPORT, in good condition and valid.

It is a requirement to present the last ID adquired


We inform that, according to information received by the authorities of the National Migration Office of the Argentine Republic, as of January 1, 2015, some identity documents will no longer be valid as travel documents. From that date, ONLY the following may be used as travel documents:

• New National ID

• Passport

Uruguayans aged 18 and over: ID card or passport, in good condition and valid.



• Minors may travel with a passport.

• Minors without a passport must:

a) If you are traveling with both parents, bring a birth certificate issued less than 1 year ago.

b) If traveling with a parent, have a minor permit issued by immigration.

c) In case of being the son of a mother (without a father before the law) have a birth certificate issued with less than 30 days.

d) In case of having only one parent due to death, present birth certificate and death certificate.

Each case is unique, so we recommend confirming this information with the National direction of Migration.


•If the minor travels with his parents, he must prove a bond with Civil Book or Birth Certificate/Certificate or DNI (where the data of the parents are stated).

•If the minor travels with only one of the parents, they must prove the parental relationship with one of the aforementioned documents and have the authorization of the absent parent.

•If the minor travels alone, they must present a certified authorization that can be made before a Public Notary, Civil Registry of their jurisdiction or authorized offices of the National direction of Migration.

•If you are the child of minors, you will need parental authorization and permission from a grandparent. Submit original documentation or legalized and certified copies.

Each case is unique, so we recommend confirming this information with the National direction of Migration.

Other special situations should be consulted in the corresponding Migration offices:

National Migration Office – Argentina
Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires 4317-0234/35/36/37/38

National Migration Office – Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Misiones 1513 – Montevideo

Please note that passengers may be denied traveling unless they comply with the regulatory requirements of the immigration authorities.

The distance between Colonia and Buenos Aires is 27 miles (50 kilometers).

The duration is 1 hour and 10 minutes (from breakwater to breakwater).

The average depth of the Río de la Plata for the entire route is 4 meters.

It is allowed to get off the bus anywhere in the route, except in the Department of Montevideo where there are defined stops:

• Plaza Cuba - Montevideo

• Tres Cruces Bus Terminal – Montevideo

If you have a special request for a stop, please request it from the driver.

An updated vaccination certificate is required to travel with pets, as well as a health certificate issued by the Lazaretto Institute (SENASA).

Here is a link to check the current requirements for the entry of pets to Uruguay:
Animales domésticos - Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Uruguay

With respect to the company, there is no additional cost for pets. If you travel by car, the pet may stay in the vehicle, or in the dog kennels that are conditioned in the ship’s hold. If you travel in one of our ships without a hold, you must bring your own kennel if your dog is large, or simply a travel bag in the case of small pets.

Visually impaired passengers with one guide dog, will be given special consideration always respecting all other passengers.

The maximum allowed height of the vehicles is 3.00 meters in the Atlantic Express and 2.10 meters in the SuperFerry Express.

Customs regulations

• No merchandise for commercial or industrial purposes.
• Goods prohibited for reasons of public safety, national defense, public health, animal or plant health, protection of artistic, historical, archaeological, paleontological or scientific heritage or conservation of animal or plant species. Unless expressly authorized by the competent authority.
• Explosives, flammables or narcotics.
• Ammunition, firearms or their parts, unless authorized by the National Weapons Registry (RENAR) and without prejudice to the international regulations and restrictions on air safety.
• Auto parts and others.

Entry/Exit of securities:

• Passengers and crew members who are carrying - upon entering the country - more than US $ 10,000. - or its equivalent in any type of currency, either in cash or any means of payment, including traveler's checks, must declare them on the form No. OM 2087 to the Customs Delegation.
• Travelers between 16 and 21 years of age may leave the Argentine territory with a maximum of US $ 2,000. -, and those under 16 may carry a maximum of US $ 1,000. - or its equivalent in other currencies, in cash and/or traveler's checks, in both cases.
• Passengers and crew members aged 21 and over may take out of the country precious metals, money and foreign currencies for amounts greater than US $ 10,000.- or its equivalent in other currencies, only through financial and exchange entities, with the relevant authorizations.

• In participating stores, for each purchase of goods made in the country exceeding $70 (seventy pesos), the buyer of foreign nationality will receive, together with the “B invoice” or the “B” ticket, a Global Refund check for VAT refund.

• Before returning to the country of origin, the goods, the check and the invoice must be presented at Customs for verification or sealing.

• The Global Refund offices located at international departures, will exchange the check for cash, or will credit the money on your credit card, or send a bank check to the buyer's address.

• In some countries, you may receive the cash refund when you return home.

• In the case of our terminals, upon boarding you may approach customs, and they will check the items and seal the checks that must be deposited in the mailboxes located in the terminal.

Tourists from Mercosur countries (Argentina - Brazil - Paraguay) travelling with a car must present the following documentation:

• Certification of Property and/or Title for the vehicle.
• Driver's license.
• Mercosur Valid Insurance of Civil Liability.
• Registration plates in the country of origin.
• Alphanumeric etching of the vehicle's VIN onto the windows.

If the driver does is not the owner of the vehicle, a power of attorney certified by a notary public is required.

A valid national ID is sufficient to prove residence in the province where the vehicle was registered.

For tourists coming from other countries must provide a valid passport and complete a signed statement with the identification data of the vehicle and the list of accessories of the owner or authorized driver in addition to the aforementioned documentation. This signed statement will allow you to circulate within the national territory and to leave it.

Customer service

You can send your inquiries by email to atencionalcliente@coloniaexpress.com

To send us your suggestions or make a complaint, write to reclamos@coloniaexpress.com

All messages will be answered within a maximum period of 72 business hours. No claims are accepted in our commercial offices.

Promotional fares are non-changeable and non-refundable. Exceptionally, clients may access this benefit by making an upgrade to a classic fare, paying the difference.

The only way to have an open ticket is to buy the classic fare. All open tickets at the time of marking it must pay the difference in fare if there were changes.

Passengers who experience delays due to delayed frequency of journeys as a result of bad weather, may reschedule their trip for another time or date. There will be no refunds due to weather issues that exceed the control of the company.

All passengers will be allowed to carry luggage up to 30 kg maximum free of charge.

In case of damaged luggage, passengers must send an email to reclamos@coloniaexpress.com and leave the bag with a copy of the claim at the nearest office at the time of getting off the ship including name and surname + Ticket number.

The bag must be shown when disembarking to the authority that is in the offices of the company. A representative of Colonia Express will collect the information for the bag, passenger names and ticket number. This data will be cross-matched when receiving the mail on the claims box.

We do not offer financial compensation for damaged luggage. In all cases, it will be sent for repair and collected from the office closest to the passenger's address.

The label given to passengers who dispatch their luggage reads: “Lumary SA states that it limits its responsibility for lost or damaged luggage referred to in this ticket to the total amount of US$30.-”

Yes, you may take your bike with you at no additional cost.

Just keep in mind that depending on the number of bicycles on a particular journey, you may be required to take out the front wheel. If the bike is foldable, this will not be necessary.

Yes, the Buenos Aires terminal and the Colonia del Sacramento terminal offer passenger car parking. The new parking lot is located on Arzobispo Espinosa and Pedro de Mendoza